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Hotel Savoy Homann is located on Jl. Asia Afrika No.. 61, Village Braga, Bandung District wells, are geographically located and the line coordinates 06 º 55'17, 8 "latitude and 107 º 36'37, 8" BT, in the historic town square of Bandung, located on the left front of the Independence Building. The hotel is adjacent to the northern boundary: Jalan Asia Africa, Eastern boundary: Office of Finance, the southern limit of a small alley, the western boundary of: Jl. Homan / Shop Padang. Now the region has become an office area and center of trade, and to achieve it may use a private vehicle wheels 4 or 2 and can use public transportation (bus / public transportation) is always back and forth through the region of Cicaheum Bus Terminal, Hall Station (Railway Station) or from Bus Terminal Leuwipanjang.
The hotel was built in 1880, the owner Jernam citizen named A. Homann, whose name is immortalized as the name of the Hotel Savoy Homann hotel. This hotel building has undergone several restoration of since it was built until now. 1880, the hotel is named Hotel of Post Road Baroq architectural style, a Gothic Revial ​​in 1883, the year 1910 there is the addition of new buildings, the 1938 Gothic-style old buildings demolished and replaced with the International Style (Modern Functional ArtDeco geometric). Hotel Savoy Homann buildings that exist today is the work of architect AF. Aalbers and R. A. Dewall.
The hotel continues to experience structuring and improvement, but this activity does not seem to violate conservation concepts. The hotel stands on an area of ​​10,074 m2 with 11,185 m2 of building area (storey buildings). Architecture is very interesting, with the game of plastic building linear curve and is dominated by the horizontal line and equipped with a single high-rise towers, acting as arranger of attention. This hotel is a corner building (located on one corner of the intersection of four Jl. Braga-Jl. Homann with Jl. Asia Africa) designed a very interesting and special to be able to act as a "characteristic or marker" that can be used as a benchmark (urban space) for the observer.
Homann hotel in addition to use to hotel, in the year 1941 - 1945 PMI is used as a homestead, the year 1945-1948 as a homestead Japan, in 1949 as a hotel again and in 1955 used for overnight delegates African Conference of Asia (Nasser, Ir Soekarno, Chuo En Lai , Nehru etc.). In 1987 the hotel was purchased by HEK Ruhiat and function remains as a hotel.
Hotel Savoy Homann is one of the largest hotel in Southeast Asia in his time, managed by Fr. J. Van Es who ever manages the hotel des Indes in Batavia Jakarta for five years. The hotel was gaining the trust of the government as the implementation of several international conferences such as: Asian-African Conference, PATA Conference, the Islamic Conference of Asia Africa, and others.
Hotel Savoy Homann can be used as a tourist attraction because it is located adjacent historical view of the ancient buildings around the area of ​​the square. The hotel is relatively unknown by many people, and many historic events that occurred at this hotel that you can inform visitors, other than that in terms of unique and distinctive architecture can be used as a study of the Dutch East Indies colonial architecture in Indonesia.

Location: Jl. Asia Afrika No.. 61, Kelurahan Braga, Bandung District of Wells 
Coordinates: 06 º 55'17, 8 "S, 107 º 36'37, 8" E 
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