Beach Pananjung

01-12-2015 Pangandaran District 27248 viewed


Pananjung Beach has a fairly wide area with the coordinates of 7 ° 42.43 'S 108 ° 39.112' E, ramps, and smooth white sand, and waves do not harm the friendly waves. therefore this area promising to provide an enjoyable recreational water, such as: snorkling, surving, Boat Rental, Swimming, Enjoy the beauty of the Marine Park, Coral Decoration in White Sand, Sun, Camping, and for those of you who like tattoos then you can enjoy the scenery while on tattoos temporary. Pananjung Beach entrance of the Nature Reserve and Wildlife Parks Pananjung. In the Nature Reserve and Wildlife Parks Pananjung, you can see different types of plants / flora and fauna protection; Bull, Deer, and Monkey.

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