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Schools located in Jalan Dewi Sartika Wife No. Virtue. 12, Village Balong Gede, District Regol. Located at coordinates 107 ° 36'161''BT and 06 º 55 '323''LS.

School was originally named Dewi Sartika Sakola wife Dewi founded by Raden Sartika on January 16, 1904, held in Bandung Regency Hall Paseban Kulon. This school is the first school for girls Indonesia. At the time of the founding of the school has only two rooms for learning. His students numbered twenty-three people with teaching staff, the Goddess Sartika Raden, Purma Mother, and Mother Uwit.
The curriculum provided in school leadership Raden Dewi Sartika School curriculum is tailored to the Class Two (Tweede Klasse Inlandsche School) owned by the government, but coupled with the appropriate skills subjects with the nature of women, such as cooking, washing, ironing, batik, sewing, mending, crochet and embroidery, which has to do with the interests of the household. In addition it also taught religious education, health, Malay and Dutch. The lessons are not only given in theory, but given also in the form of practice.
The development is quite rapid Sakola wife, in 1905 studied at Paseban Kolon room is no longer sufficient because the number of students increases. Therefore, the school moved to Jalan Ciguriang, the building is more extensive and his teacher were added as well. To offset the increase in the number of students, four years later in 1909 expanded again so that the school buildings overlooking the Kebon Cau Street (now Jalan Virtue Wife). Once you can overcome all the challenges that exist, finally in 1909 the school was able to issue its first graduates to receive diplomas. In 1910 the school name was changed to Sakola Sartika Goddess, and in 1911 this school has had five classes. Goddess at school next Sartika spread to various city districts, among others, to Garut, Tasikmalaya and Purwakarta. The disciples not only the children of women from the city, but many
In 1914 the school's name was changed again to Sakola Kautamaan wife in order to approach the goal of education in school was the main female produces. Pupils increase again someone comes from outside the Tata Sunda, after graduating Keiutamaan wife founded a school in his hometown. In 1920, every district in the whole Tatar Sunda Sakola Virtue already has a wife.
At the suggestion of Mrs.. Hillen and Ny. Tijdeman on the 25th anniversary of Virtue School's wife, the Dutch contribution to a new school which came into use September 1929, while Prince Dewi Sartika honors awarded "Silver Star". In 1940 Raden Dewi Sartika, received a royal decoration Ridder in de Order in de Order van Nassau for his service as the first educators of girls. 
Location: Road No. Virtue wife. 12, Village Balong Gede, Kecamatan Regol 
Coordinates: 06 º 55 '323''S, 107 º 36'161''E 
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