Sri Bagenda Garden

17-11-2011 Bogor Regencies 78474 viewed


It is a pool measuring approximately 45 x 15 m, the edges hardened with formation of natural stones. The interesting thing is the water in the pool is not seeping out, but land on the north side, east, and south is lower than pond. In the middle of the pond slightly to the south side there are two large rocks sticking out slightly at the surface of the water. Swimming is also said to have never dried, because water is obtained from the continuous flow Jalatunda wells.
Very probably the artificial pond communities past, because of the flat sides forming a rectangular floor plan. After all the stones are arranged to stiffen the edge of the pool, laid out neatly so that showsthe results of work of humans . Regarding the depth of the pool is still unknown, because they have not done measurements. The pool is called Taman Sri Bagenda, very interesting to study further. Moreover, a district in the region also contains the word park, the Taman Sari.
If observed from the asphalt road leading to the Ciapus, the land around the wells and ponds Park Jalatunda Sri Bagenda formed stratified. Depth of field is marked by the composition of natural stones that form the elongated terraces, some of the existing terrace that has been modified and hardened for courtyard houses a relatively dense population.

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