Klana Mask Dance

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Klana mask dance is a picture of someone ill-tempered, greedy, full of anger and can not control the passions, but her dance exactly the most liked by the audience. Some of her dance movements depict someone being angry, drunk, infatuated, laughing uproariously, and so on. The song is Gonjing retinue followed by ilang Gloves. The structure of her dance as well as any other mask, consisting of sections baksarai (which has not been wearing mask dance) and the ngedok (dance wearing mask). 
Some mastermind mask, for example Rasinah and Menor (Carni), divides these dances into two parts. The first part, is a mask dance accompanied with song Klana Gonjing and gloves ilang. The second part, which is accompanied by the song Klana Udeng Dermayonan. 
Klana mask dance are often called the mask Rowana. The title refers to one of the characters in the story of Ramayana, Ravana the figures. By coincidence, the exact same character with the character Klana the Panji stories. In Cirebon mask Rowana Klana and sometimes interpreted as the same dance, but for some mastermind mask, for example Sujana and Keni from Slangit; Sutini of Kalianyar and Tumus of Kreo; distinguish the two dances, only unmasked just the same. If the mask Klana who danced were wearing costumes or makuta Irah-irahan Ravana in the head and in the backplate wear Badong or Praba, then that is what is called a mask Rowana. Much different costumes and masks Klana costume looks very similar to figures in the wayang wong Ravana. 
In celebration mask performances, ie, after the mask dance is finished, the dancers usually perform nyarayuda or ngarayuda, namely asking for money to the audience, invited guests, stakeholders and committee intent, traders, and others. He traveled while mengasong-asongkan guise that it is held upside-part open and part face down and cover-change function into the container money. They give money seikhlasnya without feeling there is a compulsion. Having had enough, the dancers returned to the stage and as gratitude, he again offered some Klana mask dance movements, as a dance extra. 
Nyarayuda or ngarayuda is a moral message or a symbol that reminds us about how best berkehidupan in society. Klana is a very rich king, no less anything, but he still feels short, everything feels not enough, so he kept trying to take as much treasure regardless of whether it is right or vanity. That's really the message to be conveyed nyarayuda, which means not merely begging. Life, should give more than asked for more. That's the message to be conveyed. 

Sources: Toto Amsar Suanda 

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