Observatorium Bosscha

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At an altitude of 1320 m above sea level, stands gracefully Bosscha Observatory. Used in the Dutch East Indies government for ± 2 years (1919-1922) conducted in all parts of Indonesia to determine the exact location for peropongan star, then the election of this Bosscha observation area, because:
Bosscha Observatory was officially established on January 1, 1923, on the initiative and the major funders KAR Bosscha, named after sebagaai name of the observatory. Also support from the observer of the natural sciences consists of scientists (in the Netherlands East Indies, or in the Netherlands), businessmen, and members of the board of the Dutch East Indies government, which shows remarkable attention to science and education,
Bosscha Observatory is the only place in West Java that can serve as an educational travel options, particularly in the fields of astronomy, but it is Bosscha Featured Observatories sites / objects of cultural heritage is its utilization of the Dutch East Indies until now still the same. Visitors can find out how the historical development of astronomy (astronomy) in Indonesia, especially West Java, and can add to knowledge by seeing and observing the cluster of stars. The location of the observatory Bosscha in the mountainous areas in Lembang area with a cool natural environment can be an attraction for tourists visiting the Bosscha.

Address: Kampung Bosscha, Village Lembang, Lembang district
Coordinates: 06 º 49'475 "S, 107 º 36'962" E
Directions: 10 km from Bandung and 2 km from the town of Lembang
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