Pentul - Kedok

18-10-2011 Cirebon Regencies 83114 viewed


Pins are made half-face mask, from forehead to upper lip. Wandanya funny in accordance with its role as a clown-servants. Big round nose, and her eyes were narrow. This mask-like clown-servants Gareng the puppet show. Similar to the mask is a mask Jantuk in Betawi. In celebration mask performance, mask is danced as a distraction, or as a clown-servants who appeared together with the mask Pamindo or Rumyang. This mask is described as Punakawan named Patrajaya, and usually a dialogue with Rumyang Pamindo or inquire about the various kinds of dance moves both the mask. For example, when the mask Pamindo sesuri motion (combing hair), pins asked again what djoged den. Answered by Pamindo through puppeteer: sesuri Kakang again.


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