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Tanji is one device that most of the Sundanese gamelan waditranya (instrument) consists of Western musical instruments such as Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Drum and Snare, which is equipped with Tap, Goong, and Kecrek. Similar art developed in the area of ​​Karachi, Jakarta and its surroundings, which is commonly known by the name Tanjidor. Tanji and Tanjidor are two types of arts that are similar but different. The difference was not only due to the breeding and his name, but also aspects of the musical. Tanjidor more leads to work on the musical notes of the diatonic, so the songs are usually sung songs that use diatonic scales. While Tanji more leads to work on musical tones with pentatonic (Sundanese gamelan), so the songs that brought the Sundanese gamelan songs, both in the barrel Salendro, Pelog (gamelan), and the barrel Madenda.
Tanji was born and developed in Sumedang in 1965's, precisely in Kampung Resources, Village Bojongloa, Buahdua District, West Java Province. Beginning of its existence was started by the arrival of someone who named Arkilin, which is often called Aki Ilin, from Haurgeulis area, District Indramayu. He was a traveling salesman and a current source to the village, Buahdua area. In the village he met a source of Reog named Inggi artist, a craftsman Kawung Sugar (brown sugar or palm sugar). When Aki Ilin know that Inggi is an artist, it offers art tools that he referred to as parabot music, or Western musical instruments. Inggi then buy the equipment, which consists of Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Corno, Tenor, Bass, Bass Drum and Snare.
Musical instruments are by Inggi still treated as an instrument of Western music, to play patriotic songs, like the song Halo-halo Bandung, Advanced undaunted, and so forth. Instrument is played Clarinet, which he described as the flute (flute). Until now Clarinet in Tanji called by the name of the flute. However, because the soul in self Inggi Sundanese gamelan music is very powerful, technique plays Clarinet unwittingly did lead to a Sundanese gamelan musical taste, so that the notes contained in the Clarinet was formed into tones of barrel Salendro, Pelog, and Madenda, by closing or allowing a certain tone holes of the Clarinet was open.
After Inggi find the concepts and techniques to play Clarinet, Inggi invite several other artists in the area, among others, Mr. Amos, to play other instruments. The process of training done while ngaronda (siskamling) in a long time, and in 1967 was their new found musical conception of the whole which is characterized by bergabungya Renggong Tanji as a companion horse. From now on it Tanji known in his area, which is called by the name ‗ community of music '. Inggi later founded a group called Music Inggi Tanji.
Currently Tanji evolving into other villages, such as the Village Cikurubuk, Citaleus, Coral Bungur, Cibitung, and Cilangkap, some are even growing in the District Conggeang. Population art Tanji not sesubur other arts. That's because his tools are quite expensive, which is not commensurate with the income of the artists. It also causes shrinkage of instruments, especially brass music emanating from the West, and replaced with musical instruments. Bass replaced with kempul and goong, Corno was replaced with tap. Therefore Tanji device is currently only consists of Clarinet, Trombone, Trumpet, Bass Drum, Snare, which is equipped with Goong, Tap, and Kecrek.

Tanji songs sung at the time the songs adapted from that developed in the art Tap Tilu, Jaipongan, Kiliningan, even the songs Dangdut. Specifically in District Buahdua, Tanji identical to Horse Renggong, because the show is always accompanied with Horse Renggong Tanji. But in its development, in addition to functioning as a companion horse Renggong, Tanji now sometimes staged as well as entertainment for dancing, a show like Tap Tilu or Jaipongan. 

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