Hajatan/Dinaan Mask

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Performing mask celebration is often called the mask dinaan (all-day performances). The term mask celebration dedicated to the show masks is implemented in the event of presentation such as a marriage feast, circumcision, and so on. The form shows the mask is considered as the most complete performances mask, because the all-day show time, usually ranging from 10.00 to 16.00 hours if during the day and at 21.00 until 03.00 (before dawn) if the evening.
In celebration mask performances, dance normally displayed sequentially based on characterization, ranging from mask to mask Klana Bannerman. From here will know the sequence of presentation of the mask as well as a complete presentation of the structure. Structure or order of presentation of the mask is also a celebration as well as basic characteristics are as follows:
a. Tetalu and failure Bannerman
b. Presentation of Bannerman Mask
c. Serving Mask Pamindo or Samba (in the middle of the presentation of the mask there is usually a distraction Pamindo using either a joke or a pin mask chubby or not).
d. Serving Mask Rumyang
e. Presentation Mask Tumenggung / Patih
f. Presentation Jinggananom Mask (danced by bodor)
g. Presentation of Dance War Tumenggung Magangdiraja v Jinggananom
h. Presentation Klana Mask (in this section are also frequently interspersed with jokes)

Some areas present a different dance sequences, which puts the mask Rumyang at the end, for example for local Losari, Teak, and Gegesik. Even at the Sejong, the presentation does not start with mask mask Bannerman, but directly with the mask Pamindo which they regarded as a figure Sutrawinangun Bannerman. Similarly Tumenggung mask dance and duke, both distinguished and each has its own mask. While in other areas, the second mask dance is generally considered to be the same. As for, mask Rumyang presented at the end of the show, expected to be affected by the end of the puppet show which is usually covered with a song rumyang. 

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