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Cimahi area, rich with the myth about a place, like a fork in Jl. West highway and jl. Gatot Subroto Cimahi first on the Dutch colonial period there were signs that the change is intended to be a horse and carriage return to continue the journey to his destination. Horses and carriages were waiting to deliver passengers nagog. Therefore, the famous dengfan area where horse and chariot as 'Tagog', and until now the area is still called 'Tagog'. There are still many myths elsewhere.
Cimahi regions rich in myth with the saints (hagiografi) are sanctioned by society. One of the stories about the saint, is the myth of Overlapping and Mbah Mbah Nurkarim Nalataruna. Purportedly believed by the public Cimahi, Mbah Overlapping is a former soldier who fled Mataram together with Dipati Measure after the attack Batavia in the early 17th century, who later settled in the area Cimahi. Some argue that between Mbah Mbah Nurkarim Nalataruna Overlapping with the brothers.
About magic Mbah Overlapping, told people that at one time he was visited by by Mbah Quail (Raden Tubagus Kanjeng Ariringan) who visit with jackfruit. When the fruit will be cut by nagka Overlapping Mbah, jackfruit suddenly it turned into a beast. The action was rewarded by Mbah Mbah Nurkarim Nalataruna to make Quail stuck pelupuh (wooden floors), so that Mbah Quail can not go home. The story ends with an apology to Mbah Mbah Overlapping Quail for his actions, so that he could go home. During the colonial Dutch East Indies, when the Dutch Queen's birthday celebrations in Cimahi, communities around Cimahi usually held carnival. In that carnival should be provided a horse without a rider (horse blank). When the carnival takes place and walk around the square, riderless horse seemed weary secant he were carrying a heavy load Cimahi people actually believe the horse was ridden Overlapping Mbah a pleasure attending the event. When the tradition of providing a horse without a rider forget implemented, then musibahpun occur. Even so sacred Mbah Overlapping figures, also Mbah Nurkarim Nalataruna, give rise to the belief in society that a bird will fall if it passed over his grave.
Overlapping and Mbah Mbah addition Nurkarim Nalataruna, there are some other legendary figures sacred by the community Cimahi, like Mbah Dalem Wirasuta (Sheikh Langlangbuana), Sheikh Damiri, Mbah Koneng (Ki Koneng), Mbah Gede Santen, Mbah Tubagus, and so on.
Overlapping Mbah tomb located in Jln. Gandawijaya, Queued Market, District of South Cimahi. Located at coordinates Latitude and Longitude 107.540274 -6.876644. Overlapping Mbah tomb was in a semi-permanent buildings. Sepulcher tomb three levels with cement plaster. It is unfortunate that this will eliminate cementing kekunoaan (authenticity) of the tomb figures are highly respected and sanctioned by society Cimahi. Gravestone tomb made of stone.
To reach the location of the tomb of Mbah Overlapping reached by private vehicle wheel 2 or 4 wheel vehicle. When using public transport can use the Public Transport Department Station Hall - Cimahi, jln Gandawijaya, Queued Market.

Location: Jln. Gandawijaya, Queued Market, District of South Cimahi, Cimahi
Coordinates: 6 ° 52 '36 "S, 107 ° 32' 25" E
Directions: With a private vehicle 2 wheel or 4 wheel vehicles. When using public transport can use the Public Transportation Department Station Hall - Cimahi, Jl. Gandawijaya, Queued Market.
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