Tourism Village Sari Bunihayu

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Hospitality and comfort are the main factors that we offer.
One of the areas that have a destination tourist attraction facilities are quite complete.
Located in the district. Jalancagak Kab. Subang, near the natural hot spring baths and the Sari Ater Tangkuban Boat Mountain attraction.
We provide new therapies for those of you who need, where recreation is different, comfortable, cool, beautiful and pleasant natural environment in the countryside, clean air, beautiful scenery can provide tranquility, natural mountain freshness for you and your family.
Strategic location, accessible from various parts of the city. Just 3 minutes from the motorway-Subang Bandung-Jakarta.
There is a bus parking area and others are adequate.
Jl. No. Patinggi. 1 Ds. Bunihayu district. Subang Jalancagak 41 281 - West Java, Indonesia
Telephone: (0260) 470580 Fax. (0260) 471749
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Directions: Attraction Bunihayu Sari is located on Jl. No. Patinggi. 1 Ds. Bunihayu district. Jalancagak Subang, just 3 minutes from the regional highway Subang - Bandung. From Bandung only within 48 km or 1.5 hours from Jakarta and within 161 km or 2.5 hours, while from Subang town is 15 km or 15 minutes with the accessibility that can be traversed by the various types of vehicles it will be very easy to get to these attractions.
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