Curug Agung / Batu Kapur

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Great waterfall known as limestone, is located in the Village District Court Sagalaherang waterfall. Based on the experience of visitors who come to soak in the hot tubs, believed to cure various skin diseases like itching.
Facilities and Rates
In addition to hot water wading pools, tourist sites are also equipped with several facilities hostels, children's recreation areas, campground and restaurant arena.
The entrance fee of Rp Rp. 2000 / person
Condition of paved road to the location, so it can be passed by two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels. To go to the location can be reached through the district or subdistrict Dawuan Sagalaherang. The travel time is of the Earring (via district. Dawuan) about 30 minutes, from Bandung (via Sagalaherang) 90 minutes while from Jakarta (via toll Sadang) about 2.5 hours.


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