Banjar monkey colony

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Banjar Taman, is one of the Sultan Kesepuhan Cirebon. That said, this park is where the imprisoned Prince Surya State, circa 1600 AD. Apart from the tomb of Prince Surya State which is a proof of historic relics, in the park there are also monkeys, amounting to 41 birds.
Park Banjar, situated in the village of South Bulak district Jatibarang Indramayu district, precisely lane highway Jatibarang - Karangampel. In this place there is a group of apes is very sacred. Even the monkeys was never less or more than 41 individuals. This place used as a tourist spot is always crowded with people during the Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha.
That said, the residents of Banjar 41 monkeys were exposed to the curse of soldiers. In the reign of Sunan Gunung Jati, there lived a prince named Surya State governor. One time he had orders from the Sultan Chakra Buana to view and simultaneously address the flood disaster in the area of ​​Kali Longga Trisna. Accompanied by soldiers of the royal Gunung Jati, Prince Surya State went.
Arriving in time Longga Trisna, Sun Country to see how badly the area due to the floods that hit the area. Seeing this Lord Surya State decides to make a dam. But apparently the number of troops he had brought disproportionate when compared with the work of making such a big dam. Prince Surya State took the initiative for help on Kendal Coral empire that is still included in the territory of Sunan Gunung Jati.
Kendal Coral parties also agreed to send reinforcements to the dam construction site on the edge of time Logangga Trisna. While waiting for the arrival of reinforcements, the Prince of the State Solar started work with his troops first magnitude. While waiting for reinforcements which did not come too, then when the work has been completed the long-awaited relief arrived. Of course Prince Surya State became very upset. But he still held in honor of the kingdom of the Coral emotion Kendal. Reinforcements that arrived was still received well, but when it happens to Asr prayer time has come then the prince entrusts a packet to the head group of soldiers and ordered that no one is permitted to unwrap it.
But the head of the royal soldiers Kendal and his men not to follow the prince's message Surya State. Leader of the group eventually be tempted to open the package are entrusted to him. It turned out the contents of the package is a fresh palm fruit. So without thinking, eating dates in the gang. While the soldiers were eating Prince of the State come up with a furious Surya knowing his orders had been violated, the prince also condemned the soldiers like a monkey, because they resemble the behavior of a monkey who likes to steal and do not care.
At that moment all soldiers of the royal Coral Kendal immediately transformed into a monkey tail, amounting to 41 and then by the Prince of the State is named Surya Ki Buyut Banjar. That's the origin story of 41 monkeys who now inhabit the sacred and the cemetery complex in the village of Banjar Regency Indramayu Jatibarang Bulak district, West Java, or what is now the Park Banjar.
Although there is a dead monkey, some people believe the number of members is not reduced Banjar monkey tail stay 41. Another uniqueness in search of food. These monkeys are never out of Banjar Taman fence as if it had limited motion.
With a little improvement, Banjar Taman actually could be an alternative exciting tourist attractions. Place a lush, shady trees to be comfort in the midst of the blazing hot sun. Making the kind of place to unwind for a moment.

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