Museum Talaga Bwt.

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Museum located in the village of Talaga Talaga wat Wetan, District Talaga. Where the distance that must be taken to get to this museum is +26 km from downtown Majalengka. Access to these locations are good, where not only be traveled by private vehicle but can be traveled by public transport such as Maja - Cikijing, Cikijing - Bandung and so on. The number of historical relics from the kingdom Talaga Bwt such carriage, war equipment, and art tools, the main attraction, and the presence of a regular custom tooling dilaksananakan bathe once a year. Visitors who come to localized cultural tourism in general students. For tickets go on sites of cultural tourism is no provision costs should be issued only a voluntary donation. And is still a lack of existing support facilities at the Museum Talaga Bwt.
In addition to Lake wat Museum, in the District of Majalengka there are two other historic places such as the Monument of Struggle Kawunghilir (Ceper, Tray for betel nut, a large wooden chest, and arms) are located in the Village and Memorial History Cigasong Build Rangin residing in District Jatitujuh.


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