Tomb Buyut Israh

07-02-2012 Majalengka Regencies 78474 viewed


Located in the Village District of South Sukasari Argapura with +15 km distance from the center that has extensive Majalengka +2 Ha. Access to the location of the Tomb of Yang Israh less well and there is no public transportation to that location, but there's only motorcycle taxis. Visitors who come to the Tomb of Yang Israh on weekdays only a few people, but in a given month as the moon rayagung visitors who come to the location of the stretcher can reach 500 people / day, and there is a hunger that are served by the manager Yang Israh the tomb. Facility location is limited as only toilets, and musola. In general, visitors who come only for pilgrimage and ask for blessings.


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