Sindu wells

02-11-2011 Majalengka Regencies 78474 viewed


The source is located in the Village District Wetan Jatitujuh with +37 km distance from the center that has extensive Majalengka +150 m2. This attraction is a cultural heritage which is a sacred well where the water is believed by local people to clean or purify themselves. Access to these locations as poor roads and lack of public transportation to that location. Facilities at this cultural attraction is less. For visitors who come to the site of cultural tourism is relatively large, for the day Friday night kliwon reach 10-50 people, while for the big day as Muludan reached 100 people and visitors who come from the manager or Kuncen presenting puppet as the entertainment of visitors. Tickets for entry to that location in the target but not limited to infak.


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