Panorama lemahputih

12-12-2011 Majalengka Regencies 78472 viewed


Lemahputih panorama consists of two adjacent attractions of Buana Marga (Dinosaur Park) and Buana Castle (places of entertainment, swimming pool, golf course, cafe) located in the Village Lemahputih, Lemahsugih District, which has a distance of +47 km from the city center Majalengka with the broad reach +20 Ha managed by individuals, Mr. H. Girri.
This attraction is a blend of natural and artificial types of tours. To reach the tourist sites can be reached by using a personal vehicle and vehicle umun, both two wheelers and four wheels. Any tourists who intend to visit this attraction by using public transport can use the department vehicle Talaga - Bantarujeg, Bantarujeg - Lemahsugih with good road network conditions. Average visitors per day could reach 50 people, for the holiday reaches more than 100 people, while for certain events could reach five hundred people or more. For revenues from tourist objects and attractions in the year 2003 can produce up to 4-6 million / day.


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