Dams Rentang

16-11-2011 Majalengka Regencies 78474 viewed


Range is an irrigation dam in District Jatitujuh region, but the local community and surrounding area has many who visit to enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy the natural coolness at the site. Range dam is located in the Village District Jatitujuh Jatitujuh with the distance + 30 km from the city center with an area of ​​12 ha Majalengka. Attraction has excellent potential to be developed, but this location has not been touched by the District government Majalengka. Access to these locations are good and the location can be in use by public transportation such as transit villages Duchy - Jatitujuh. The potential attraction of this need for special attention to address the potential of tourism in the village Jatitujuh, so the Range Dam could be developed into a tourist attraction that can attract the attention of visitors.

source: www.majalengkakab.go.id 

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