Tomb Ki Good Jabin

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Ki is Raden Krama Good Jabin dynasty, son of Demat Surapersada Ki Bin Good Urang or Surajatikusni Raden, Son Sinuhun Kasepuhan Cirebon. When there Bantarjati War in 1809-1811 along the north coast, after it happened peacefully and Cooperation agreement between the Company and the Sultanate of Cirebon, Ki Good Jabin and the youth did not agree because the Company is famous for his treachery. Disagreements Ki Good Jabin politicized by the Company as insubordination and rebellion to the Lord, finally Sinuhun Cirebon Sultan ordered the arrest, but because the linkages between Abdi Dalem Family and the Family Ki Good Jabin decided to leave Cirebon, this way in order to maintain the integrity of the Civil War and Family. On the way to leave Cirebon, he arrived at the Regional Library and Death Cikampek and buried in this area, until now many of her pilgrimage and Tawasulan, to commemorate and encourage 'will Ki Good Jabin as Spreader Religion of Islam in Karachi. Good location of the Tomb Ki Jabin is located at Heritage Village Cikampek, District Cikampek 26 km from the capital city of Khanewal district.


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