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Site Counter expected Kuta is a small kingdom in the Power meninggalan Pajajaran Kingdom, who named the Kingdom of Kuta Jaya Counter Panatayuda ruled by a regent, assisted by the duke and duke Purnakuta Mangkubumi with counsel and the Attorney Imbang Pamanah Golden Taste. Towards the collapse of the Kingdom Pajajaran Kuta Jaya Counter escape or be taken over by the army of the Sultanate of Banten, led by Maulana Yusuf Syech, because in 1626 the area Udug - udug Guard made ​​under the Sultanate of Banten pimipinan Paging Mountain or better known as Prince Puger, Udug area - udug is a strategic place to control boat traffic in Citarum own ends, from this area Kesulatanan Bantam Army attacked ban Sumedang is also the post of Defense to ward off a counterattack from Sumedang ban and the Kingdom under the leadership of Sultan Agung of Mataram. In this area are often found caves - caves or so-called Vertical Luweng, which has not been touched or examined its depth. Counter-site location is located in the village of Kuta Mulyasejati, District Ciampel 38 km from the capital city of Khanewal district.
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