Tomb of Jafar Umar Sidik

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Jafar Umar Sidik tomb is 300 m from the capital district, and 15 km from the capital Garut, with administrative boundaries to the north adjacent to the Village Cibiuk Kaler, on the south by South Cibiuk Village, adjacent to the east by the Village Sindang Joy and west borders with Hegar Sari Village.
Activities that can be done at this attraction is on a pilgrimage and study the culture, especially history and culture of Islam.
Jafar Umar Sidik tomb is a tourist attraction that belong to the heritage of cultural attractions with the formation of physical (Relic / artefac) form of the tomb, and is located in the Village Cisareupan, District Cibiuk. This tomb complex breadth of 5 hectares and is managed by Mr. Ade Ustadz and surrounding communities. Jafar Umar Sidik tomb consists of four main tomb all of whom are close relatives of Jafar Umar Fingerprint and other Muslim missionaries in the area of ​​Garut, namely Grandmother's grave which is an in-law Abdul Jabar Sidik Jafar Umar, Umar Jafar Sidik own tomb, the tomb of Siti Fatimah Grandmother who is Jafar Umar's wife, and the tomb of Wali Mohammed Nur Kosim Grandmother who is none other than her brother. The four tombs are located sequentially in the order of their mention from top to bottom each of which is bounded by wooden fence.
To support tourism activities available range of facilities, both of which are specifically earmarked for the activities of pilgrimage as well as the nature does not directly cater for the activities of pilgrimage. Facilities available in this region, among others, seven fruit hawker stalls in pretty good condition, parking, public toilets, shelters and places of worship. Snacks are available at kiosks around the area especially along the path to the tomb. This hawker stall also serves as a shelter for the construction intentionally formed as well as a resting place with capacity building and structures are adequate. The parking lot as the dismissal of a personal vehicle visitor facilities provided by the village community with a maximum capacity of 10 cars and the surface is not coated with cement, with the conditions and vegetation shade is insufficient so impressed poorly maintained. For the needs of worship facilities are located near the mosque and tomb chambers and are made of bamboo or use the mosque is located near residential areas. For basic facilities such as public toilets available two pieces with less adequate conditions for the physical plant and lack of cleanliness maintained. One of two public toilets are located in the parking lot.
Infrastructure contained in this tomb complex as a source of water and electricity are available in sufficient quantities. To clean water sources are wells around the area of ​​the tomb during the dry season the water discharge is very small and somewhat turbid. The power source used to illuminate the road on the path to an area of ​​tombs dating from the PLN.


Transportation to this Destination :

When visitors visit the tomb of the road it will pass through the length Cibiuk District? 140 m with good pavement condition, and passes along the village streets? 80 m and 50-60 m along the path that shaped foothpath a surface coated with cement. To get to the site visitors can use to route Limbangan rural transportation? Cibatu until the beginning of the road can access or use the services OJEG rate Rp. 3,000 of Limbangan to the tomb area.

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