tomb Linggaratu

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 Etymologically, Linggarratu derived from the word meaning a stone phallus and the mean queen bed / clusters, with cluster means demikikan linggarratu stone. Because of this tomb many large expanse of rock that is composed uniquely.

The tomb is 13 centuries old and is believed to be the ancestral population of the hill linggarratu who spread the religion of Islam is King Kingking.
Located in the village of Kampung Babakan Sukasirna Sindangpalay, Karangpawitan district, 8 km from the capital district, and 21 km from the town of Garut. Boundary regions, namely:
North: karangpawitan
West: Ds. Sindang galih
South: the hills Linggarratu
East: Ds. Situgede
This complex environment and landscape quality is good and low noise. The main activity is a pilgrimage, can also camping and hiking.

Transportation to this Destination :

Can use arrowroot-Cibatu transport from the terminal complex of thunder to the tomb. The road condition is quite good.

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