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Bebeletokan are toys that produce sounds tock generated from a corked small bamboo and pressed from above. Bebeletokan played
knows no season, but more dominant when drought arrives. Made of bamboo, with a twig rod keeilnya part but that is old and worn
strong. Its manufacture is initially looking for some bamboo twigs "awi rope" that is flexible, which has a diameter of 1 to 1.5 em bamboo
3-5 mm long with a hole that is used is of 20-30 em. Bamboo should be straight to be more durable because it is not easily broken. Usually
looking for a rather long segment for the two parts of the bottom bebeletokan with a length of 30 em for the cross-section and a section for the handle is in use until the "book" boundary segment of bamboo.
Section grip on the hole is placed a piece of bamboo from the bamboo of the diraut to get in the downstairs section with a length adjusted to the length of miners but was cut at the tip along a span. Once inserted the handle and cross back together as unified by its interior. How to play it is to enter the leaves are crushed and pressed into the opening with the handle on the second income as a result of pressure from above, the air is forced out and the first leaf had been inserted will come out with the sounds "tock". In the present paper that they use the leaves and chewed as a substitute for the resulting sound louder.
Bebeletokan the form of ordinary straight in some places but it is now a grip pad small twigs or branches of bamboo used for

like the pistol grip. Form which was originally plain as a weapon believed to be the influence of the presence of the wear Colonial seniata. Because the handle is still known in the community Kasepuhan plain meaning not as a weapon. The color of this toy is in accordance with the color of green bamboo but after a long dry growing bamboo is used and the color changes to yellowish brown. The older the more powerful because the bamboo is somewhat younger due to the pressure even bamboo would be divisive. 

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