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The games are games of skill hand of a child not just need hand skills, but also takes concentration and strategy to play the ball. Supplies of the game is in the form of shells or seeds kewuk and a ball.
Shellfish are prepared usually amounted to 10 pieces. Begins by tossing the ball and bounce, and when it will be before the second reflection we should have to take 1 piece of shellfish. That continued until they run out and called mi hiji and must take two at a noodle called two and continue until next ten fruit should be taken in a single reflection and direct the exhaust back to continue the game later.
Jacks are made of yellow brass or white lead of the material. Rectangular-shaped jacks with a way different areas. Pet field, a field with a small hollow in the middle; the field of spirits, shaped like a moat; field klat, plain with no decoration and ice fields, flat field decorated with 5 points. The minimum amount is 4 pieces. Jacks ball, a ball made of rubber and has a large size of ping pong balls, jacks Number of players can achieve 4 people who are usually all girls.

At first the players decide the order of players in a way hompimpah or pingsut. Furthermore, jacks and the ball was in the right hand players. The four jacks grasped with three fingers, while the ball is clamped by the thumb and middle finger. Dropped the ball thrown upward into a flat floor. During the ball bouncing in the air jacks players attempt to arrange everything to look the field of pet. Players throw the ball again and then take one by one jacks. The next step the player takes two jacks and so on. The move petji, pet ro, lu pet, pet Byuk. The same is also done in other fields. Taking jacks should not be touching other jacks or the ball hits the ground twice in the decision-jacks. These conditions are called "dead" and the other players have a turn playing jacks. 

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