Egrang atau Jajangkungan

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Stilts or jajangkungan game is played with a pair of sticks or poles, made ​​of wood or bamboo as high as 2 to 3 centimeters. Meanwhile, for the footstool or footrest ibuat with a height of 30 60 em from the bottom end of the stick. Some players can play together simultaneously.
In several regions, generally performed as an endurance race game balance. But other areas, perrnalnan stilts or jajangkungan done as physical endurance, strategy and concentration because they have to play stilts or attempt jajangkungan dropped his opponent. Two groups of players against each other in pairs sating. After facing each other, one with the other players kicking each end of the stilts that touches the ground. In addition, in some coastal areas (pantura) stilts game more integrated with other games.
Such as football games, at the pitcher and the other. The media generally used bamboo bamboo rope (rope awi) or green bamboo (awi hejo) and black bamboo (awi hideung). Selection of bamboo rope, green and black is not without reason. In addition to easy in the manufacturing process because it dries quickly, is also very strong is not easy to crack when used as a foothold. Besides, if it is connected between the bamboo is used as a grip and footing is not broke and opposite the clamp. In contrast to other types of bamboo Gombong are like bamboo and other bamboo plants that tend to be difficult mongering and fragile and broke easily.
The process of making a game or jajangkungan stilts. Once harvested, bamboo is selected in accordance with bamboo or bamboo handrails top. If not through the drying process, the bamboo is cleaned beforehand. Pamasangan footing adapted to the order of bamboo reed, bamboo reed used for pegangangan the top (the top) while connected to the bottom of the footing is a feather.


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