Galah Asin

16-11-2011 West Java 28451 viewed


Galah Asin or in another area called Galasin, Gobak Sodor, gobek is a kind of traditional game almost throughout the country. This game is a game group consisting of two groups, where each team consists of 4 people. The essence of the game is facing the opponent that can not pass through the line or territory or territories to the last line of the back and forth, and to win the entire group should be. complete the process back and forth in the area of ​​the field hath determined.
The game is usually played on the badminton court or a volley ball with reference lines that exist or can be by using a rectangular field with a size of 9 x 4 m which is divided into 6 sections. The boundary line of each section is usually marked with chalk or plastic straps. Group members who had a turn to keep the field is divided into two, namely members of the group who keep the line horizontal and vertical lines. For group members who have a duty to keep the horizontal lines, then they will try to hinder their opponents who are also trying to pass the boundary line which has been determined as a free boundary.

For group members who have a duty to maintain ~ (usually only one person), then this person has access to the vertical line which is located in the middle of the field. This game became very favorite games in addition to the agility needed to run, also needed a strategy to outwit your opponent's defense. 

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