Galah Burulu

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Ucing burulu pegat or pole is a game kind of "cat and mouse" and one of the cats into the guard so that no line passing through the line. The others scramble through the guard line. When captured or hand 'cat on her body then it will turn into' cat '. It takes a strong physical because the cat will run to follow the lines here and there as if out of line it will be declared invalid.
Burulu pole-type games are not much different from either pole salted media as well as the rules of game play. This difference is the beginning of the game that preceded the one who after a drawn or hom pimpah one of the initial line is expressed as a guard.
Once there who served as the first guard, the player who can reach 20 these kids together trying to enter and pass through a guarded line. Usually guards will catch unsuspecting friend. But most of them are already accustomed to playing this game will capture the nimble friend first so as to help maintain the line.

Once able to catch the other colleagues, competitors divide the tasks and execute their strategies in order to get caught. Usually they will share limit horizontal and vertical lines, for his friend who got the task to the horizontal, then they will try to stymie also trying to pass border-free limits specified. For those friends who have the task to the vertical (generally only one person), then this person has access to the entire vertical line located in the middle of the field throughout the game will it quits when the perm From now on re-raffled who will be the first and so on. 

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