Ini 3 Fakta Seputar Situ Cisanti yang Terletak di Desa Tarumajaya, Kabupaten Bandung

02-06-2018 22918 viewed

Situ Cisanti is located in Kampung Pejaten area, Tarumajaya Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency.

Location Situ Cisanti only about 60 KM just from the city of Bandung. Tribun Jabar on last Saturday has been to Situ Cisanti which is upstream of this read more ...

Waterfall in Mount Halimun whose story can Make Younger

30-10-2017 22913 viewed

Curug Prince aka Prince waterfall in the area of ​​Mount Halimun Salak National Park has a myth. That said, the water can make ageless.

Curious prince is not too high, not the most beautiful, but the charm will sedate you, just read more ...

Once There Trance, It Turns Out The Original Condition of 'House of Devil Devils'

19-10-2017 22889 viewed

The remake of Devil's Devil Movies made by Joko Anwar is said to be a horror film ever found in the country.

Aired on September 28, 2017, the Devilish Devil movie has become the most watched horror film in Indonesia in the read more ...

5 Most Cool Beach in Garut, Do not Miss

04-08-2017 22881 viewed

Most of the southern coast of Java has vicious waves and sharp corals, as well as Garut. Even so, there is still a beautiful side on the beach of Garut that you should not miss. Whether morning or afternoon when the beautiful sunset, traveling to read more ...

This 5 Spot Photos on Jalan Braga Bandung, Selfie in Spot No. 2 Coolest

07-06-2017 22896 viewed

Braga Street area that has many historic buildings that are used as tourist destination of local and foreign tourists.

In this area many established places of entertainment, shops, and cafes. If you go to Jalan Braga, do not miss the 5 most read more ...

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