This 5 Spot Photos on Jalan Braga Bandung, Selfie in Spot No. 2 Coolest

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Braga Street area that has many historic buildings that are used as tourist destination of local and foreign tourists.

In this area many established places of entertainment, shops, and cafes. If you go to Jalan Braga, do not miss the 5 most photo hits spot in Braga.

Here are 5 photo spots that you can use as a background for berselfie. Try the deck, you must look cool!

1. Photos in front of painting

You can also find many fine paintings by Bandung artists. In order for your photograph to look more artistic, try taking some photos among these fine paintings.

2. Photos in front of Braga's writings

It is less complete when visiting Braga Street without taking a photo in this spot, which is in front of Braga paper by Ridwan Kamil. Braga writing is located at the crossroad Braga.

3. Along Braga Street

Braga Street itself is vintage style with stone floors and European-style lamps on each side. You who want to take pictures along the road Braga, the right time is in the afternoon.

4. Front Front Old Building

In Jalan Braga you can see some old buildings that are not used, the front still looks intact and beautiful. Your photo looks like it used to be.

5. In front of the cafes

Hang Over Cafe is one of the cafes in Braga which has unique stylish design and architecture. Going into this cafe is like going into a colonial era that you never experienced. To be satisfied you can take some photos inside or at the front of this old cafe.

Those are some cool photo spots along Jalan Braga that you can try. (Ery)

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