5 Most Cool Beach in Garut, Do not Miss

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Most of the southern coast of Java has vicious waves and sharp corals, as well as Garut. Even so, there is still a beautiful side on the beach of Garut that you should not miss. Whether morning or afternoon when the beautiful sunset, traveling to the following destinations can certainly satisfy the heart.

1. Pantai Puncak Guha

So this is beach or hilltop? Of course the answer is the beach. Desebut so because there are high cliffs covered by green grass. There is one bat cave which is his trademark. Access here takes a long time, if you depart from central Garut regency must travel for 3 to 4 hours with a distance of about 95 km. The route is Route Garut - Cikajang - Pameungpeuk - Rancabuaya.

2. Sayang Heulang Beach

Tourism destination in Garut is indeed beautiful with a vast expanse of sand beach. The length of the beach line alone reaches 2 km with a width of about 50 meters. There is an iconic bridge that is often used as an Instagramable photo spot. In addition, the facility is also quite complete and has a clean area. Not happy to have fun all day? You can take advantage of the camping area to simply stay overnight and get a bonus view of sunrise and cool sunset. To get here, you can spur the vehicle for about 3 hours and cover a distance of 88 km from the center of Kabupatne Garut through the Cikajang.

3. Beach Rancabuaya

Because of its condition is full of coral reefs, the Beach Rancabuaya less appropriate to be a destination for swimming. In addition, the waves are very big and fierce, so you have to be very careful when it comes. But you do not have to worry and to cancel plans to go here. There is a panorama of sunset waiting for you and there is one more uniqueness of this beach is a waterfall that flows directly to the beach. Hungry? Just enjoy the culinary processed local fishermen. Seaweeds such as fish can also be brought home as souvenirs. Traveling here from the center of Garut can pass Pameungpeuk.

4. Sentolo Beach

Sentolo is also known as a fishing village area. So, near the beach there are houses and boats. Finding a fishmonger is not a difficult thing, maybe even you can find the types that you've never seen before. Just imagine, you feel good culinary while enjoying the scenery. There are waves rolling and as dusk comes, the sky becomes more and more charming. Want a more exciting? There is a banana boat that is rented for about Rp25.000.

5. Sancang Beach

This beach is overwhelmed by myths and legends that are still believed by as residents. In spite of it all, the beauty of the beach and Sancang forest deserves praise. Going to the shore and enjoying the beach breeze, makes you have to pass through the path that cleaves the forest as far as 2 km. The trees are still much shady even wild animals sometimes appear. If worried, can hire the services of local residents as a guide.
That's some beaches in Garut with a fantastic view of cool. Of course there are many other attractions of Garut. Have you decided where to go next weekend? To Garut aja yuk!
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