Once There Trance, It Turns Out The Original Condition of 'House of Devil Devils'

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The remake of Devil's Devil Movies made by Joko Anwar is said to be a horror film ever found in the country.

Aired on September 28, 2017, the Devilish Devil movie has become the most watched horror film in Indonesia in the past year.

It is known from the data released filmindonesia.or.id page.

The Devil's Devil Movie has been watched as many as 2,820,681 people overtaking the Danur movie that earned 2,736,156 spectators.

People claimed to be cringing after watching a remake film titled the same in the 1980's.

The horror of 'Devotional Devil' is certainly not independent of the location settings used when cultivating the film.

If the movie 'Home Devil Devil' it looks very scary, then how the original condition of the house?

The house used as the shooting place of Devil Devils is in the plantation area owned by PTPN VIII, precisely in Kertamanah Village, Margamukti Village, Pangalengan District, Bandung Regency.

The two-storey house with the European vintage style is thought to have stood about two centuries ago.

For those who have watched the movie, in the mind may be immediately imagined, the figure of Mother played by a skilled by Ayu Lakshmi.

Far from the story that the house is in the middle of the forest, in fact, official homes for officials PTPN is located in residential areas.

The distance between the house and other houses is not more than 50 meters.

Employee PTPN VIII, Dadang Somantri (39) denied the news that the house was uninhabited for decades ago.

"Lastly filled in 2016, this house is intended for PTPN officers at least head of section, but because officials are often mutated by superiors, it will last at least four to six months, then change again officials," said Dadang, Sunday (15/10 ).

Seen from the outside, the wooden walls of the house are dull, as abandoned several decades ago.

The ceiling is gaping with age.

In the yard of the house, still visible holes used graves used for filming needs.

Cool air immediately felt when entering the house, the article of the house has a high ceiling with good ventilation typical of European architecture.

No furniture whatsoever, except the sofa and table in the living room used by the clerk.

On the first floor, there is also a kitchen, while in the back there are two rooms, one of which is the well that is the location of the scene where "Ghost Mother" pulled one of the players to participate splashed.

In the middle of the house, there is a ladder that leads upstairs. The condition is so dark, lacking lighting, because the glass tile is dull and filled with cobwebs, so the light can not enter.

On the second floor, there are two rooms, one of which is the room where Mother lay before her death.

Another room, is a bedroom Bondi played by Nasar Annuz and Ian, played by M Adiyat.

In addition, said Dadang, there is a manners that must be maintained.

Although taboo, Dadang did not dismiss if the mystical story is there in the house.

"If you want to enter the room should say greeting, that's all I remind the visitors.On the children and pregnant women we also forbid not to come in fear nothing happened, it has never happened to visitors, but yesterday, there is a trance security officer, "he said.

Visited Tourist Crowd

Wooden house owned by PTPN VIII in Pangalengan suddenly crowded visited by people. Most, who came curious to know the original form of the filming location made by Joko Anwar.

"Just curious, let alone go in, look from the outside have been imagined keseramannya, it was more spooked the original," said Satlantas Polres Bandung member, Linda Brigadier who visited the house.

Although not sebangker as told, some communities of lovers of occult things often make the house as a test location of guts or a mystical tour.

Visitors were required to pay Rp. 20 thousand groups to get into the house.

To reach this location, if from the city of Bandung take Pangalengan route via Banjaran.

Once you arrive at Pangalengan roundabout take your vehicle to the left, past Pangalengan Market.

Follow the path for about 2 kilometers and go to the Margamukti Village road marked by a gate.

source: http://jabar.tribunnews.com/2017/10/17/sempat-ada-yang-kesurupan-ternyata-be gini-kondisi-asli-rumah-pababdi-setan

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