Ini 3 Fakta Seputar Situ Cisanti yang Terletak di Desa Tarumajaya, Kabupaten Bandung

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Situ Cisanti is located in Kampung Pejaten area, Tarumajaya Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency.

Location Situ Cisanti only about 60 KM just from the city of Bandung. Tribun Jabar on last Saturday has been to Situ Cisanti which is upstream of this Citarum River.

Not only known as the upstream of the Citarum River, apparently there are other facts from Situ Cisanti.

Find out more in the following article:

1. Surrounded by Mountains and Have Many Springs

Uu (34), a guardian of Situ Cisanti, said Situ Cisanti is surrounded by many mountains and has many springs.

"Here it is surrounded by mountains like Mount Malabar, Mount Rakutak, Mount Wayang, and Gunung Bedil, and there are seven springs, including Cisanti, Cisadane, Cikawedukan, Citarum, Cihaniwung, Cikoleberes and Cikahuripan springs," he said.

At the location, you can enjoy the clear waters Situ Cisanti and fresh air because surrounded by trees that are still natural.

2. Place for Tent

Not only can you take swafoto with a beautiful background, you can also invite groups of people to camp or camp on site.

Uu and 19 other managers, ready to help your camp activities.

Only with 15 thousand rupiah per person, you can enjoy the fun of camping in the open.

3. There is a Siliwangi King Bathing Pool

Prabu Siliwangi is believed to often perform self-cleaning on a pond located in the upper reaches of the Citarum River, Mount Wayang, West Java.

"The pool was indeed told by my predecessor as the bathing pool of Eyang Prabu Siliwangi If visitors want to take a bath there, there is a procedure, I guidance, Visitors must remove the pedestal, soak three times, and rinse with water three times" said interpreter, Atep (39), to the Tribune Jabar.

Atep, the seventh generation of cultural heritage site keeper who has been in charge for three years, said the cleaning or bathing in the pool was not done to ask for something. However, to cleanse the heart and clear the mind. (*)

source: terletak-di-desa-tarumajaya-kabupaten-bandung

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